Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It is finished

Those of you who follow me know this quilts story. For newcomers, in short, it is the last quilt top my Grammy ever made. 
 I did get it bound, washed and in use. I am happy to report that I the markings that had been done in pencill, and had been there a good many years all washed out. As with all quilts made in this house, feline inspections are required, they were both under (they like to play tent just like the grand kids (preferably with the grand kids) - and they we ended up with one on top chasing the one under. Nice free entertainment. 

I also got one if the three quilts I need to make next done. This one is for baby Tabitha that will join us in July. Abu and Alex will both get new quilts too, fabrics picked, next in line to cut ...

There us another quilt in the hoop awaiting thread to be found....

What are you working on.