Monday, December 26, 2011

Decisions, Decisions...

It is time to decide whether or not I am going to make a St. Patrick’s Day quilt. I have a small wall hanging to make, but not sure whether I can get a quilt done before then; as the Mystery quilt has 1 ½ sides of border to finish quilting (that last trip around is long), and there is still the patchwork pennies to finish.  

I have decided to tie the patchwork pennies, but have a new BOM to start with my Church class…decisions, decisions.  There are also the two prayer shawls to finish. Some doll clothes for the Granddaughters’ birthday, she was born on St. Patrick’s Day.  Maybe just some pillow covers…well, I will finish these two then decide…

Hope you all have a Happy and safe New Year Celebration. We stay home, and work a very large or very complicated Jigsaw puzzle (or two) with clam dip and chips and lots of coffee J

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teaching, Sharing and Learning.

Teaching is about sharing. As a teacher I always learn something from my students. I believe all teaching should work in this manner, and yes that is especially true with children.

So the church sewing class went well. One cute, tiny skirt was completed by a newbie. The class has decided to do a friendship quilt for a project. They will be bringing pictures of blocks to share and decide what to do for a quilt at our next class in January. They are also supposed to be finding the manuals for their machines and getting servicing if possible. Many of them were headed off to get some new machine needles.

Obviously this close to Christmas it is busy. This year I am behind. I normally have everything done and wrapped and under the tree by now. Not done, not wrapped, not under the tree. That would be the reason for no blogs recently.

The Mystery Quilt –I am quilting the last border. Then all that is left is binding and washing. Then it will be ready for my couch. The patchwork pennies is all cut, marked and sorted into block, but has been sidelined a bit by Christmas stuff and two prayer shawls that needs to get done.

I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wish there was a quilt-top marking robot….

I just have the quarter squares and border of the mystery quilt to finish quilting…yep, you guessed it—I have to mark them first. I use a pounce chalk applicator to mark mine with. Make sure to check around for pricing, I found mine cheapest locally. It is not difficult, but it still has to be done. Then I can bind it, wash and it will be ready for use. Since the weather man says we are headed for single digit overnight temperatures, it will be good timing.

And the patchwork pennies...still marking the backs of 2” squares, then I have some 5” ones to do and then that marking task will be done—I use tailors chalk for this task. I usually find it cheapest at Nancy’s Notions…and wait for a sale and buy in bulk, like 3 or 4 boxes at a time.

Once the marking is done I can start sewing this one, trying to decide whether to hoop another before Christmas or not…guess we’ll see when the quilting on the actual mystery quilt gets completed. Also still deciding whether to quilt or tie the flannel quilt…decisions decisions…

Well, back to quilt top marking…