Tuesday, April 29, 2014

And life goes on.....

Having lost my mom this month to a long illness, has made me really need to finish the last quilt top my Grammy made. She started it when she found out I had never received a quilt she had made. Unfortunately she didn't get to finish it. That honor, and I do consider it an honor, was left to me. It has been a VERY LONG time.

I couldn't work on it for the longest time, because all I did was cry - and it very hard to hand quilt while crying. My  Grammy  and I were very close, she started teaching me to sew when I was 3 - yes -3! Of course, she also taught me to quilt .

After I could work on it, it was always popped out of the hoop for other more pressing needs: prayers shawls, birthday and Christmas gifts, and commission work to help pay the bills. Yes, I only have one lap size quilting hoop. I have one on a floor stand, but it is not practical at this time due to space constraints

I have logged about it often, because thinking about my Grammy always seems to make me verbose. My mothers death made me feel an urgency to finish things - part of the grieving process I would guess; but I am excited because it is close to done.

For those who have not seen it:

Before I quit working on everything else to finish this I did do these:

Finished post card, save the post card stamp - the ink showed up a few days later and I didn't take pics after I stamped them. Most we're gifts, the rest in my for sale bag :-)

Yes, those are appliquĆ© blocks underneath  - done now but pics not taken yet

I've been threading kits of needles- one of my first quilting "jobs" - I was so excited to be helping it didn't matter šŸ˜ƒ

So, what gave you all been up to?

Sunday, April 6, 2014


I am so far behind. But, life happens.But I have gotten some sewing and quilting accomplished, but I gotta get with it and get caught up. I have been working on these paper pieced batik BOM's

Still have the pastel blocks of the same pattern to go...they are cut and next after I finish my fabric postcards-- they are all quilted , trimmed and they all just need edged. That should get done today or tomorrow-yeah-famous last words.

Hopefully my brown ink will show up tomorrow--I ran out :-(

I could Calligraphy the "post card" on-but I think they look way cooler when  stamped.

After the post card and other paper pieced blocks are done--its on to Easter gifts. Those pics after Easter. Then I think I will cut the Coxcomb and then a baby quilt for the new grand-baby, and a quilt for each of the other grand-kids (2). Maybe a few mug rugs here and there.

Happy Sewing!