Wednesday, December 6, 2017

This elf is soooo behind...

First things first:

But Christmas is so much fun!

Their finished work

I am working on presents-had to dig out some sock needles:

I guess it is kinda like riding a bike....

I guess I will really know when I get to the heel...

As like most of you, most of what I am working on has to stay under wraps..

What are you sewing??

Friday, August 18, 2017

September is fast approaching

In Reno

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that means :

Burning Man  Image result for burning man clip art freeI cant afford to use the real logo--it's much nicer

If like me you can't go and want to see some of the action there will be a live feed again: Burningman live feed

Rib Cook-off
Image result for bbq ribs clip art

Camel Races

Image result for camel clip artImage result for ostrich clipart

Balloon Races

Image result for hot air balloon clipart

Air Races

Image result for reno air races images
Street Vibrations

Image result for motorcycle clipart

yes---very busy here.

And then there are Christmas Present to be made!!!

Image result for christmas present clipart

Yes, it really is closer than you think..

Christmas Countdown

What are you planning and sewing?

Friday, August 4, 2017

The Dog Days of summer came early

Because the HEAT is MELTING us --and yes we have A/C and a swamp cooler (it only work s well a little over 90)--but when you leave work and get in your care and it is 105 in your car...even waiting with doors open for the A/C to cool it off is energy zapping..

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and causing way to many fires--actually most of the fires are being caused by people not being careful..but there are way too many anyway

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and nature

Not much is getting done in the sewing realm. Some work on the sewing room still looks like a cyclone hit.  some hand work on some turtles, mug rugs and borders on the Twilight Zone..

We are supposed to get some relief from the 100 degree+ temps--but thunderstorms may make the fire/smoke issue worse.

I am still able to plan Christmas presents and collect patterns in this heat tired state...

I am ready for Fall....

On a brighter note--have you got your glasses to watch the eclipse?  If not and you are in Reno they have them here:  Walmart Reno 7th St-Vision Center

While we won't get the full eclipse, it will be upwards of 70%...

No automatic alt text available.

Also coming are the Perseid Meteor Showers  -usually nice and cool by the time you can see them :-)

What are you planning for this hot weather??

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I'll just go clean out one cubby....

Ha Ha Ha...I now have a tornado in my sewing room.

How did this occur? My youngest granddaughter is going to be three next month. This means she will come in the sewing room with me (and her sissy who is 8 I am sure.) This means her own cubby with her own fabircs (fat quarters form the stash), buttons, etc.

trouble is--I had to clean one out first, and move the dies for the Accuquilt up higher..and well then I decided it was time not just to tidy up, but to re-arrange....

It has been a few years since a major I dove in--and then decided I didn't like how I decided to change it and brewed another plan..yeah, didn't like that one either...and so on. I think I have the right plan now---but it will take longer, I think it will be worth it--let it know how it turns out...

I have a birthday present or two (time dependent) to finish. Christmas to get started

The Christmas Clock is ticking--why yes I have some presents cut already...

I'll post pics when its done-before I mess it up again :-)

I have been doing some hand work on some more of these cuties

What have you been sewing?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Lost arts and why they matter

How do we value a gift of a handcrafted item? Painting, woodworking, woven, knitted; the list is extremely long. How do these things make us feel? Do we feel differently if we ourselves have tried the particular craft in the past? How well can we understand objects or material things when what we know comes only through writings or pictures?

How can we appreciate people’s relationships to objects in the past when those objects have not survived, or even when they have and we know little or nothing about what it takes to create those things? What can be gained in having direct “hands-on” knowledge of made objects?

And really, what do I mean? Well by example: I took wood shop in Junior-high (yes, and I was not the only girl to do so.) I made a note board thingy and a chess board. I didn’t really enjoy it. But I learned how to use all the power tools- table saw, jigsaw, planer, etc. What did I learn? Woodworking was NOT my thing, but it did make me appreciate all the more handmade gifts made of wood. It made me understand why someone would keep a handmade item that may seem insignificant. There is something beyond the physical that is transferred with the gift.

It is my personal observation that emotions can be expressed through objects in unique ways that cannot be captured by language. A connectedness to the past ensues for me that I do not possess the language skills to impart to others. I have not seen anyone else that has either. A feeling of serenest come to me as I craft something for someone; whether a quilt for a new baby, or a prayer shawl or blanket for someone fighting for their life or nearing there exit from this plane.

I cannot possibly go through all of the handcrafts there are, but these are the ones I find the most connectedness to the past with, and the most resonance towards the future.

The art of quilting goes back to Ancient Egypt and the Middle Ages. Quilted clothing was used for light armor, and eventually under heavy metal armor as padding from the armor and the blows it received.
Quilted bedding was used for warmth and comfort. Tapestries were used to cover drafty castle walls and provide some color in to the dank castle interior. Some people still hang quilts and tapestries for this purpose.
This is a quilt that is attached (with Velcro so I can change it) to my front door. It provides insulation from the cold and sound beyond what the door provides.

Wall quilts over the fireplace change to suit the season or my moodJ

Net making
I wish I had all of these net making tools-being able to make your own netting is useful. While I do not use nets to fish---Netted bags make good grocery and beach bags.

Do you know what a lucet is?

A lucet is a tool used in cordmaking/ braiding. This tool is believed to date back to the Viking and Medieval periods. It can be used to create cords that are used on clothing, or to hang items from the belt. Lucet cord is square, strong, and slightly springy.

You can also have a double lucet- it creates a thicker, sturdy, can be two-color cord. It is essentially working two single lucets slotted together perpendicularly.
A lucet is pretty much a staple need if you do any Renaissance fairs or such to get period looking, hand made cord.

Crochet, knitting, tatting, Embroideries of all sorts-as I said earlier—the list is pretty big. Give something a try-you never know what you may fall in love with