Friday, August 4, 2017

The Dog Days of summer came early

Because the HEAT is MELTING us --and yes we have A/C and a swamp cooler (it only work s well a little over 90)--but when you leave work and get in your care and it is 105 in your car...even waiting with doors open for the A/C to cool it off is energy zapping..

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and causing way to many fires--actually most of the fires are being caused by people not being careful..but there are way too many anyway

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Not much is getting done in the sewing realm. Some work on the sewing room still looks like a cyclone hit.  some hand work on some turtles, mug rugs and borders on the Twilight Zone..

We are supposed to get some relief from the 100 degree+ temps--but thunderstorms may make the fire/smoke issue worse.

I am still able to plan Christmas presents and collect patterns in this heat tired state...

I am ready for Fall....

On a brighter note--have you got your glasses to watch the eclipse?  If not and you are in Reno they have them here:  Walmart Reno 7th St-Vision Center

While we won't get the full eclipse, it will be upwards of 70%...

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Also coming are the Perseid Meteor Showers  -usually nice and cool by the time you can see them :-)

What are you planning for this hot weather??