Thursday, March 31, 2016

Well--now that winter has it's last hurrah...

at least we hope so...the day after Easter:

we ended up with ~9.5" at our house...

Here are the Easter baskets and bunnies I made the grand kiddos- that were able to have an Easter Egg hunt in the sunshine the day before the SNOW

They were a hit!

the bunnies wanted their own pic!

These numbered pins are the best! No more pieces of paper pinned to make rows!

What have you been sewing?

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spring in Nevada- means

Wind, rain, hail, snow, did I say WIND??!!! 

Well last weekend I got all the squares done & laid out for the 3 dudes quilt.

I will put a thin black border, and have a couple of birder ideas - but need the black border on before I can decide. This will be the backing

Thisis the final audition for the client quilt-will start piecing once the 3 dudes top is done.

 I will move the three dudes into a hoop and trade it off n on with the other one I have in the hoop right now 

What have you been sewing?

Monday, March 14, 2016

Auditioning fabrics for a client

for a simple stacked bricks quilt (simple rectangle with offsetting squares-the way Grammy used to do it) and working on my 3 Dudes lap quilt

this was audition 1:
fail.. needs to be less  loud

                 Audition # 2-still under consideration (placement will vary)

Some people don't like auditioning fabrics for quilts. But I do. yes it a lot of cutting. But I like seeing people figure out what it is they really want. And we all know that fabric on a bolt, or large cuts; do not give non-quilters a reasonable expectation of what things look like together. The orphans will become a scrap stacked brick quilt-probably with a tan background fabric....but that could change depending on the scraps vote (yes my fabric votes)

 This will be the backing for the 3 Dudes lap quilt

Would have made more progress if the ick that is going around hadn't visited our house--but such is life.

What have you been sewing?

Saturday, March 5, 2016

What I did last week....

and what I will be working on later and tomorrow- a project (3 Dudes lap quilt) I stated at a class with Rob Appell of Man Sewing of Missouri Star QuiltCo. for the 3 Dudes quilt at Meissners Sewing & Vacuum in Folsom, CA

 I get 3 squares from each WOF strip set, so one unit takes more than one strip set

This is the next strip set ready to be cut int suqares

These are squares waiting to be stitched all the way around so I can cut them up :-)

I have two more strip sets to make. I was making really good progress and then...yep- I ran out of bobbin thread and had no more gray bobbins wound, :-(

So I cleaned out the machine (I actually clean after each bobbin) and then wound three more grey bobbins--should be enough to finish the sewing on this. I haven't decided if I will quilt it in gray yet or not--actually it hasn't told me what it wants.

I fell in love with Rob's gears quilt (thank goodness for trunk shows) and downloaded the gears template pdf....I might use that as a template to quilt this..maybe..still thinking about it...

Did I mention winter is supposed to return tonight or tomorrow with snow to the valley floor? :-(

What have you been sewing?