Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween hats almost done...

But I need one of my models (granddaughter) to try hers on before I line it, and I need to get this finished before i change the foot and needle back to work on fleece. Yes I have another machine--but it has a project in it too.

After I get it out of the machine, you can see the whole thing.

Before I started it  I got caught up on the BOM's I had....I technically have 2 from Sat--but they haven't arrived yet. I did not go to get them so I didn't share my cold with anyone ;-)

This is the one that wasn't done yet last time

 These two are again the same block, different colorways

The hats so far are below--Finn the Human and Princess Bubblegum to go with Jake the Dog. Those are bubble gums around the bottom of the crown.

Did another little project, but the recipient doesn't have it yet--so maybe you get to see it tomorrow :-)

And we didn't get much snow on the valley floor, what we did was melted by the rain. We are promised more rain today--we hope so -we need it!

Happy Sewing!

Friday, October 25, 2013

AQS Modern Mystery Quilt in the hoop

After trying several different threads, I am actually not using a King Tut variegated-what I settled on and like is a Mettler 100% cotton - gray. I tried yellow, tan, and a few others, but this seemed to just say me me me. This is the back (fur friends underneath)

This is the front with some fur friend help (they are still playing underneath). When I am not in the Living Room quilting on this I am in the sewing room working on some BOM's. I finished one and part of another yesterday

This is the one that is done

And then there was some chain stitching for some HST (I had already done the cutting) -I am doing the same BOM in two color ways -blue n white & brights

Then of course there is the other side to be done...

Then off to the Gypsy Cutter--I love my gypsy!

I also love my tucker trimmer for squaring them all up -and yes I do not cut 2 7/8", I cut 3 unless I am using another method. Due to the fabric for the BOM's being cut for this type of piecing with no real left over-we do them the old fashioned way.

And of course I keep the clips from the corners--these will go in the 1.5" bin.

The pile of HST's to be trimmed
And this is where I left it last night. Two more for this BOM (one each colorway of the next block-#6) and then Saturday I get 2 more blocks  (one of each colorway for a new BOM at my LQS Sewn-n-Such. One will be a Batik and the other Color Way is more traditional, kinda pastel-ish. Then Nov 2, the next two for the Blue n White & Brights.

Once I get the next two blocks done, I need to finish two more hats for the kiddos for Halloween-Finn The Human and the Bubblegum Princess, then two more blocks from Sat..then I'll decide what project needs done next.

I  am never at a loss for things to sew--how about you--how does your project list look?

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

AQS Modern Mystery Quilt top done...

Hard to get in one pic-especially with furry friend helpers :-)- at least they aren't under it anymore--hmmm--maybe I need to make a quilt that looks like my fur friend are under it....some cheaty trapunto with wash-away thread.

It will be hand quilted, with abstract wavish quilting vertically to compliment the print of the background. I am trying to decide what quilt with...probably a King Tut variegated--but still mulling it.

The batting will be cotton bamboo blend. I like the way bamboo needles.

And then on to some Halloween..Jake the Dog hat in progress..it just needs the lining and some Velcro. Polar fleece is so much fun to work with. I love my Wonder Tape! I have never had it not wash out, or leave any marks after use. I keep several  rolls on hand (in case my furry friends hide one.)

Finn the Human (in a smaller size for Grandson) is up next. Then I have an Easy 7 quilt to finish up and get in my online store.

Friday, October 18, 2013

AQS Modern Mystery Art Quilt progress

So this was from late last night--no natural light. The quilt has 96 or so different batiks in it. The other set of "stones" should get done today and hopefully in the hoop by Monday--yes the Modern Mystery Art quilts is going to be hand quilted. :-0

Then I have a couple of Halloween hats to make, and thanksgiving wall hanging (for me), finish up a few things that are mine and work on some Christmas presents. Oh, and some blocks of the month :-)

What are you all working on?

Friday, October 11, 2013

My Tropical Rainbow quilt top is DONE!!

11 days late (for the contest) 31 calendar days (no I did not work on it 24x7)

I will try to get a better pic with some natural light tomorrow (kinda dependent on the weather and camera helpers), as there is no natural light tonight.

There is still time to vote over at the tropical rainbow and tumbleweeds contest for those who did get their tops done in time for the contest. There are some amazing quilt tops to see and vote on.

Now I will move on to the Modern Mystery quilt I need to finish as it has a buyer interested. Some BOM's I am behind on. And some Christmas presents that of course will not be shown.

I really enjoyed making this quilt, the fabric selection by Island Batik and service by Quilting by the Bay were fantastic. The kit had plenty of fabric. Likewise the Quiltworx pattern by Judy Niemeyer was fantastic and no shortage of foundation papers.

I am done sewing for the night, but for those of you still at it, or just getting  a start at it for a new day-happy sewing.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

7 of 9 done...

Progress a bit slower than expected, but 4 patch 7 is done (it is the bottom left corner

It is getting harder  to get the whole thing in the picture (my room is small, so hard to get back far enough while it's one the design board)

There is still time to vote over at the tropical rainbow and tumbleweeds contest for those who did get their tops done in time for the contest. There are some amazing quilt tops to see and vote on.

Seems Mother nature is trying to skip fall and go straight to winter. I like fall, not so much winter. I guess I'll not complain too much as long as the snow stays on the mountains and out of the valleys.

Now to go work on 4 patch #8  :-)

Monday, October 7, 2013

My Tropical Rainbow is 2/3 of the way done!

4-patch #7 is 1/2 done

Chugga chugga choo choo still going....

There is still time to vote over at the tropical rainbow and tumbleweeds contest

Off to get some Dr Pepper and Apple cider vinegar pulled pork started for dinner.  

Happy Sewing!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Tomorrow is a Girls Play Day

We go to a different city to get a BOM. I didn't finish mine for last month...why? Those of you following know, those of you who are new, I have been working on a Tropical Rainbow that I didn't get done in time for the Tropical Rainbows & Tumbleweeds Contest. You should click on over to see teh wonderful quilt tops and vote for your favorite.

As for mine, I have finished 4-patch #4 (of 9)

and started #5

my helper for the day (Granddaughter Abi) taking out pins:

and pulling foundation papers (a bit blurry cause I needed to snap fast--she is good at this!:

She will be ready for real needle and thread soon. :-)

Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

It is time to go vote for your favorite...

Which will not be mine this time (just click the box and it will take you there):

Tropical Rainbow and Tumbleweeds Contest

They are all so pretty its hard to choose a favorite- you've been warned! But please take a few minutes to go vote, as the winner will be VERY happy!

BTW- for those who asked, I did buy my Tropical Rainbow kitted from Quilting by the Bay, and it was kitted with Island Batik fabrics

I have managed to complete  the 2nd 4-patch complete (these are not seamed together yet) 

and the 3rd 4-patch below now needs only one seam (I sewed a bit since I took the pics)...

Happy sewing, as I am headed back to the sewing room...

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The little engine didn't have enough coal...

The grade was steep, but the track was a little rougher than it appeared. So the Tropical Rainbow didn't get done in time for the Quiltworx contest. I have almost 2 of 9 4-patches done, from the looks of the calendar, completion time might be this weekend. Life has some variables that do not always cooperate. I can't wait to get it finished:

This is the #2 4 patch, it has two seams left to do:

I will continue to post progress and tomorrow I will post the link to voting for those who did get their Tropical Rainbows done.

After this is done I have  another batik quilt to finish, it may have a buyer already. Then to finish the stack of projects and Christmas presents.

So off to change the front page on the website for October, and I feel like making some Wassail -might have somthing to do with the 42 degree temp outside.

Happy Sewing.