Friday, October 25, 2013

AQS Modern Mystery Quilt in the hoop

After trying several different threads, I am actually not using a King Tut variegated-what I settled on and like is a Mettler 100% cotton - gray. I tried yellow, tan, and a few others, but this seemed to just say me me me. This is the back (fur friends underneath)

This is the front with some fur friend help (they are still playing underneath). When I am not in the Living Room quilting on this I am in the sewing room working on some BOM's. I finished one and part of another yesterday

This is the one that is done

And then there was some chain stitching for some HST (I had already done the cutting) -I am doing the same BOM in two color ways -blue n white & brights

Then of course there is the other side to be done...

Then off to the Gypsy Cutter--I love my gypsy!

I also love my tucker trimmer for squaring them all up -and yes I do not cut 2 7/8", I cut 3 unless I am using another method. Due to the fabric for the BOM's being cut for this type of piecing with no real left over-we do them the old fashioned way.

And of course I keep the clips from the corners--these will go in the 1.5" bin.

The pile of HST's to be trimmed
And this is where I left it last night. Two more for this BOM (one each colorway of the next block-#6) and then Saturday I get 2 more blocks  (one of each colorway for a new BOM at my LQS Sewn-n-Such. One will be a Batik and the other Color Way is more traditional, kinda pastel-ish. Then Nov 2, the next two for the Blue n White & Brights.

Once I get the next two blocks done, I need to finish two more hats for the kiddos for Halloween-Finn The Human and the Bubblegum Princess, then two more blocks from Sat..then I'll decide what project needs done next.

I  am never at a loss for things to sew--how about you--how does your project list look?

Happy Sewing!