Tuesday, October 6, 2015

AUTUMN is in the HOUSE!

A little late due to a brush with the bug... but at last:

 The  round wall hanging is not quite done yet-but getting close-hopefully by the weekend I can bind and hang (why yes, there is a cat under it)

Other projects have been some Christmas present Crocheting (can't show finished pics-nosy peeps online) but this piece doesn't give it away :-)

and some place mats and mug rugs:

I have several others cut--will work on those this weekend..Christmas is coming way to fast--what are you working on?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Christmas is coming!!!!

Why yes, I AM working on Christmas presents. Planning on trying some new techniques . Might translate into some new costuming opportunities - time will tell - but I am excited!

how often do you try something new and maybe outside your comfort zone? Sometimes you may waste some time and materials - but the times that work make it soon worth it!  Try something new- you might get very pleasantly surprised! 

I di get the appliqués embroidered on the wal, hanging (and its 33" not 40") It in a hoop now 

Set up a set of placemats n mug rugs, might make some napkins to go without there us enough fabric left 

The background will be black

Still have this in the other hoop

What are you working on?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fall has been in the air..

and therefore on my sewing table.  The  project I started last weekend

is progressing--appliques applied- fused-but I generally don't trust simply fusing-so embroidery work comes next.

Lots of hand embroidery left to do, hopefully I can get it "in a hoop" by next weekend...we'll see how the stars align. I am not sure it is going to go into a hoop--it has interfacing to help it hold shape better as a wall hanging--it may simply be quilted in my lap. It is about 40" wide.

In my hoop (that I am working on-yes I have more than one hoop) is this one:

This one was made for as a mystery quilt--came out quite fine for a mystery. :-)

It is over half way there...what did you sew this weekend?

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fall is in the the air

Image result for fall free clipart

But there is a large feel of fall in the air--geese honking, trees turning--reminders of how close Christmas is Mouses in houses, horses and other animals with thickening hair...it looks to maybe be a wet winter--we need one. I hope mother nature keeps the snow on the mountain (a little down here in the valley for Christmas is OK)

So with that in mind I pulled out a WIP (for quite some time) and decided it is this projects time to be done:

This is the background for a round wall hanging (table topper originally). Strips were already cut for the "paper" piecing, and the base for the strips already drawn and put together (two half circles because of the size.) It has two more darker colors for the outer rings--and bonus-the bias binding was already done, pressed and rolled in the project bag. 

Image result for cheshire cat smile clipart free

what did you sew on this weekend? Maybe some flying geese??

Monday, August 10, 2015

I don't sell Prayer/Comfort Shawls & PrayerComfort Quilts....

I make many, I share many, but my Prayer/Comfort Shawls and quilts are made for people I know and care for, and gifted to them.

I will help people buy fabric, sit by them and help them make them, but I will not sell them for people to give to other people.

I share pictures of what I have done, so others can get ideas... they are sometimes hard to come by in times of stress.

When I make a prayer/comfort item, The needs of the person(s) are forefront. The timing of the need dictates how complicated. I have don all-nighters for needs that were urgent.

For me, each item requires lots of thought, and prayer. If some bible verse(s) are repetitive in the process I will normally share those with the receiver in a note, or in conversation or prayer if I am able to deliver personally.

So here are a few examples for those who may be looking for ideas...

They really can be as complex or as simple as you want or need them to be. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

1 year, 5 quilts, 1 large wall hanging...

1 art quilt, numerous baby blankets, mug rugs, prayer shawls, and misc. projects later...

This queen size hand-quilted is done...

 It is now in a basket for my daughter to take home and bind so it can be off to it's new home....

And we all know the hazards of trying to take to take photos with a cat...
 Yes, Lilo the cat is "inspecting" the back side of the quilt-she is the "lump"

When not buried under or in a quilt:

And that is one of my awesome granddaughters--and this is our spaceship :-)

closer look at the border--I find dark background eye fatiguing

Deciding the next one to start--yes I have more than one ready to quilt--hope to sandwich my decision on Thursday or Friday night.

Yes I have been busy--you can accomplish a lot in just 30 min a day. I play with my three grand kids and work a full time job..and some days I do not get my 30 minutes (too many days like that does tend to make me wee bit cranky)-but small steps add up.

Happy Fourth of July and happy sewing!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

It was raining--again--

Enough for puddles!!!

Yes, we need lots more--but we'll take it!

I finished the charity art quilt for the The David J. Drakulich Art Foundation. It is titled I Still See You, and is based on one of his paintings. will announce when the auction will be held.

I also finished this one- Indie fabrics from Spoonflower.com:

And this is a weighted lap pad, filled with plastic pellets so it's washable -the pellets are sneaky little rascals  to sew with!

I might get to cutting a quilt of valor tomorrow and start working on a new tote bag for work tomorrow-depends how long shopping takes. Yes-that is still a necessary evil.

Keep on sewing!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hand Quilting!

I have spent most of this month hand quilting. These are in my hoops -yes I have more than one- I prefer round 14" wood hoops with no base usually.  I have a couple of square hoops and a large round one on a stand..but I normally quilt in my 14" round hoops.

This one has a corner and a short side of the border and it will be done. then back to my daughter for binding (it is her quilt-she quilted part of it)

It was kinda pushed aside while I worked on this charity wall art-quilt for a very special person- David J. Drakulich. He was a soldier who died like most of our brave soldiers an all too young age of 22, struck by an I.E.D. in Afghanistan, he was our neighbor, he played with my kids. 

His family  and friend started the 

David J. Drakulich Art Foundation:For Freedom of Expression

What They Do

Located in Reno, Nevada, The David J. Drakulich Art Foundation: For Freedom of Expression has formed with the mission of providing art education and experiences to veterans, their families, active service men and women and their families, and gold star families (those who have lost a loved one in war). In the process, we promote art in our community.

One of his pieces "No one but myself" , inspired my interpretation of it, that I have titled-"I still see you" As with all art pieces, some will love, some will hate, no one will really understand - except David. I hope it will raise some money for his foundation.I will upload a finished picture when I have date and time for the auction/sale.

You might notice that these are larger needles than I usually use, and a larger stitch. The larger needle was a necessity due to the thickness of the quilt in places, the larger irregular stitches a choice to make the point I wanted to make with the art.

I have become very attached to this tool:

For the thicker parts of the quilt this had been invaluable. It is the best needle puller I have ever used. I like that I can keep it on my hand while I quilt and it doesn't get in the way, and I don't have to stop and find it when I need it! 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A couple little projects

Cash register cover from left over quilt straps ( reversible) - check

Microscope cover from fat quarter stash, leftover receiving blanket,  left over batting, left over paracord and a toggle from the findings/notions stash.,  - check

This is what's in my hoop....

That's what I worked on this weekend  :-)

What have you been sewing?