Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Had to take a cutting break and clean...

A few large projects, a large change in project line-up,getting my web site ready to host my store to start selling my completed quilts; and the cats for some strange reason (well the reason is known now) decided they wanted to burrow into the fabric stash, and were pushing it out to where it was toppling over.

So the clean-up got finished, the day before we had a moderately large Earthquake (4.7) Now Reno is capable of and had much larger; but it explains the cats behavior-as they has not done that before.

This is what a fairly clean sewing space looks like for me:

  2nd sewing station
kinda self explanatory, between the above picture and this one is a set of wire cubes (full) that the design wall is hanging in front of, The bedroom door is to the right of this

 To the left of my main sewing station
To the left of my main sewing station

To the right of my main sewing station, stack ranked projects, the Judy Niemeyer Tropical Rainbow I am sub cutting on top...trying to finish by Oct 1 for contest (just the top)

Below the computer screen sits to the right of my main sewing station (yep Tropical Rainbow direction on the keyuboard

My cutting table sits in the middle of the room and I use the space under it for storage as well.

And one of my helpers-Sushi.

 She likes the sewing room better than my other helper who prefers helping with layering and Quality control-her name is Lilo

So now back to cutting...

Friday, August 23, 2013

Quiltworx Tropical Rainbows foundation papers cut...

From this

to these:

Today I will start cutting fabric, as I have also cut the template sheet and templates :-)

And the cutting for the Quiltsmart Bitty Broken Lone Star is done

So, back to cutting... and after fondling the fabric for Tropical Rainbows for a bit last night, I am even more in love with the fabrics I got from Quilting by the Bay, and their service is AWESOME!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

One large project done, and a few more starting...

So now that the Veteran’s Guest House (Reno) pillow cases and valences are done it is on to the 4 BOM I am behind on, a Quiltsmart Bitty Broken Lone Star, and the Quiltworx Tropical Rainbows; and you know what that means—yep—Cutting-AAAGGH….So here is my start last night:

The 4 BOM’s

One BOM quilt is Bright and the other Blue n White..

The first  356 of 512 1.5" x 3" pieces for the bitty broken star

And I am still only on my 2nd Clover Blade--I LOVE these blades!

I hope to start cutting Tropical Rainbows on Thursday night or Friday.

Friday night (8/23) I will be at the Sew-n-Such Mixer from 6-8pm. Stop in and see what's up.

And this hangs in sight of my machine

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yes I checked the bobbin before starting this long line...

...it looked like enough...gaahhhhh

now when I fill the bobbin, will there be enough thread?

Not to worry, more is near...

And the design wall is up...

looks pretty naked

Not for long (I hope) - this beauty

will start gracing it once these valences are done....

and that's how today went...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

26 Pillow Covers Done!

Washed  I ready to iron on the left

now ironed  on the right -

and handed off to my daughter for delivery. She is my ultra helper!
16 valances to go...

After the valances are done my next project is TROPICAL RAINBOW by Bradley and Judy Niemeyer for the Quiltworx 

This is the box of directions and foundation papers

These are my fabrics:

I was tickled to see that some of them are the same as I have used in other recent projects, especially my "Hearts on a String".

My favorite of the fabrics

The quilt top only has to be completes by Sept 1st to enter the contest, lets hope I can do it....

After that (or during gotta take a break moments)  I will be work on Quiltsmarts Bitty Broken Lone Star   These are my fabrics. The background will be black, backing the teal, and I have not decided whether the inside border will be orange or teal...gotta wait till the star is done..

The onto another quiltworx contest--


this one I have till June 2014, but is had to be completed as in quilted and bound by then. My fabrics:

My box of instructions, foundation papers and applique patterns:

Yeah, I am gonna be busy! :-)

And there will be some Christmas present making in there somewhere..its coming sooner than we think!

No on to those valances...