Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Had to take a cutting break and clean...

A few large projects, a large change in project line-up,getting my web site ready to host my store to start selling my completed quilts; and the cats for some strange reason (well the reason is known now) decided they wanted to burrow into the fabric stash, and were pushing it out to where it was toppling over.

So the clean-up got finished, the day before we had a moderately large Earthquake (4.7) Now Reno is capable of and had much larger; but it explains the cats behavior-as they has not done that before.

This is what a fairly clean sewing space looks like for me:

  2nd sewing station
kinda self explanatory, between the above picture and this one is a set of wire cubes (full) that the design wall is hanging in front of, The bedroom door is to the right of this

 To the left of my main sewing station
To the left of my main sewing station

To the right of my main sewing station, stack ranked projects, the Judy Niemeyer Tropical Rainbow I am sub cutting on top...trying to finish by Oct 1 for contest (just the top)

Below the computer screen sits to the right of my main sewing station (yep Tropical Rainbow direction on the keyuboard

My cutting table sits in the middle of the room and I use the space under it for storage as well.

And one of my helpers-Sushi.

 She likes the sewing room better than my other helper who prefers helping with layering and Quality control-her name is Lilo

So now back to cutting...