Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Christmas is coming!!!!

Why yes, I AM working on Christmas presents. Planning on trying some new techniques . Might translate into some new costuming opportunities - time will tell - but I am excited!

how often do you try something new and maybe outside your comfort zone? Sometimes you may waste some time and materials - but the times that work make it soon worth it!  Try something new- you might get very pleasantly surprised! 

I di get the appliqués embroidered on the wal, hanging (and its 33" not 40") It in a hoop now 

Set up a set of placemats n mug rugs, might make some napkins to go without there us enough fabric left 

The background will be black

Still have this in the other hoop

What are you working on?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fall has been in the air..

and therefore on my sewing table.  The  project I started last weekend

is progressing--appliques applied- fused-but I generally don't trust simply fusing-so embroidery work comes next.

Lots of hand embroidery left to do, hopefully I can get it "in a hoop" by next weekend...we'll see how the stars align. I am not sure it is going to go into a hoop--it has interfacing to help it hold shape better as a wall hanging--it may simply be quilted in my lap. It is about 40" wide.

In my hoop (that I am working on-yes I have more than one hoop) is this one:

This one was made for as a mystery quilt--came out quite fine for a mystery. :-)

It is over half way there...what did you sew this weekend?