Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Great Reno Balloon Race is coming soon...

The Great Reno Balloon Race--So just what does that have to do with quilting?


You cannot see all of these gorgeous balloons and not be inspired to quilt something...especially the dawn patrol.

Spider pig :-) Do you know where he came from??

A field of pretties

And sorry to say as pretty as the pictures are, they are nothing compared to seeing them up close and personal. If you've never been to the balloon races, you are really missing something special. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

More Pictures per your requests...

Hand quilting close ups--a bit hard to see with the variegated thread-including a snaggletooth I didn't find...

Pillow cover pic

View from my machine at the moment--it's what happens in the midst of a large project assembly line style...

To the left of the machine, the top that is getting its green border

To the right of the machine the pile of tops waiting for borders and a pile of 2.5" strips underneath for the borders
The cutting table is behind me and double as an ironing station--got to press those seams even when it is 100+ outside...

Tails from the borders to the side if the cutting board (on a pile of fabric that needs to be put away) below on the left.

Below on the right -under the cutting table on top of the crap bag, envelop backs waiting for hemming and attaching to the front covers

To the far left of my machine table the stack of tops with borders attached

The pillows are made from Moda Bella Solids.

Embroidery is with Floriani and AMANN ISACORD (its all in caps on the label)

Deco Bond, steam a seam and stitch n tear used also

Using Essentials thread for seams
And for some reason this scrap is my cats (we have 2) favorite scrap to steal-no idea why-they're cats after all, they really don't need a "reason"

Don't exactly remember what it's a scrap from either :-)

Well those Dog Days of Summer retreated ... for a week ..and they're back...

Sitting here at a roasting 102, high expected to be 105, was 104 yesterday...
but I have managed to finish, bind wash and dry the Take 5 by the Teachers Pet I was working on..made all from Blank Quilting fabric. I like it when I can find enough of one line to do an entire quilt at my LQS.

It is hand quilted with a very meandering stipple with a King Tut variegated thread. It is a lap quilt size.
 And yes, I am a fan of pieced backs unless I find wide backing I like to go with. I figure if I have to put a seam in it anyway, might as well do something different.

And since I started typing this post is is now a sunny 103, not a cloud in sight....

Now back to those pillow covers. The embroidery on the 26 pillow covers is done, adding green borders now. They are pretty. Then on to envelope backs and 16 valences... so you know where I'll be as long as the power doesn't go out...

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dog Days of Summer...

Its hot, although thankfully not as hot as it was. I am making progress on the pillow covers, the Take 5 quilt hand quilting is done and just needs bound yeah!

So on the clover blade I cut: 647 yards of fabric, 15 yards of deco bond, and 10 yards of stitch-n-tear, and some random things. If the next blade last as long, I will be changing to them for sure...that is after I use mys stash of Olfa's, but that will give me time to watch for sales--you know how I hate to buy non-sale items.

I think I have chosen the gifts I am making for Christmas present-yes I have already started working on them. There are only 166 days till Christmas as of this writing according to the Christmas Countdown Clock. Yes I have already played Christmas music in my sewing room--got to have the right ambiance right? Well that is my excuse...

My friend Tina is attending a Judy Niemeyer/Quiltworx retreat, sending gorgeous pics of the view in Montana! I'm sure she will share on her blog when she returns. 

The snowman fabric is for a charm block exchange with one of my online quilting groups :-) I wasn't kidding about working on Christmas  :-0