Tuesday, June 30, 2015

1 year, 5 quilts, 1 large wall hanging...

1 art quilt, numerous baby blankets, mug rugs, prayer shawls, and misc. projects later...

This queen size hand-quilted is done...

 It is now in a basket for my daughter to take home and bind so it can be off to it's new home....

And we all know the hazards of trying to take to take photos with a cat...
 Yes, Lilo the cat is "inspecting" the back side of the quilt-she is the "lump"

When not buried under or in a quilt:

And that is one of my awesome granddaughters--and this is our spaceship :-)

closer look at the border--I find dark background eye fatiguing

Deciding the next one to start--yes I have more than one ready to quilt--hope to sandwich my decision on Thursday or Friday night.

Yes I have been busy--you can accomplish a lot in just 30 min a day. I play with my three grand kids and work a full time job..and some days I do not get my 30 minutes (too many days like that does tend to make me wee bit cranky)-but small steps add up.

Happy Fourth of July and happy sewing!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

It was raining--again--

Enough for puddles!!!

Yes, we need lots more--but we'll take it!

I finished the charity art quilt for the The David J. Drakulich Art Foundation. It is titled I Still See You, and is based on one of his paintings. will announce when the auction will be held.

I also finished this one- Indie fabrics from Spoonflower.com:

And this is a weighted lap pad, filled with plastic pellets so it's washable -the pellets are sneaky little rascals  to sew with!

I might get to cutting a quilt of valor tomorrow and start working on a new tote bag for work tomorrow-depends how long shopping takes. Yes-that is still a necessary evil.

Keep on sewing!