Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas is almost here!!!

The weather man says snow is tree and decorations are up thanks to help from my 7 yr old granddaughter:

I like many of you have been furiously working on Christmas presents--here is one of  the only safe ones to show:

It is not fully assembled yet--but all the pieces are done..

I own a set of these Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles- a gift a long time ago from my hubby who decided with a name like that I had to have them. 

They came in a nice case-that is still intact!

 Lots of needles and cables. I have purchased more over the years as their selection expanded. I have their Crochet 2 go (with two of each crochet hook so you can do Tunisian crocheting on my wish list...

As I was working on a Christmas present this tragedy occurred... I dug out another cable--but then sent a message to Denise Interchangeable needles customer service to see if they would still warranty.

To my wonderful amazement they did--and less than a week a brand new cable to replace the broken one arrived

Not many companies provide such AWESOME customer service these days. Just another reason to treat yourself or someone else to s set or sets of these needles!

What have you been sewing?