Sunday, December 4, 2016

Christmas is almost here!!!

The weather man says snow is tree and decorations are up thanks to help from my 7 yr old granddaughter:

I like many of you have been furiously working on Christmas presents--here is one of  the only safe ones to show:

It is not fully assembled yet--but all the pieces are done..

I own a set of these Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles- a gift a long time ago from my hubby who decided with a name like that I had to have them. 

They came in a nice case-that is still intact!

 Lots of needles and cables. I have purchased more over the years as their selection expanded. I have their Crochet 2 go (with two of each crochet hook so you can do Tunisian crocheting on my wish list...

As I was working on a Christmas present this tragedy occurred... I dug out another cable--but then sent a message to Denise Interchangeable needles customer service to see if they would still warranty.

To my wonderful amazement they did--and less than a week a brand new cable to replace the broken one arrived

Not many companies provide such AWESOME customer service these days. Just another reason to treat yourself or someone else to s set or sets of these needles!

What have you been sewing?

Thursday, October 27, 2016

It's Raining it's pouring...


At least that is the promise...I am hoping it does rain--and that it stays rain...we shall see...

This is ok

This--- not so much...

The cutting board got cleared...

all those pesky pieces went from  the cutting board--back to the right hand side of the sewing machine...

The left hand side is still at this time empty...

And the cutting board is full again--first go at a weighted vest--still working out the inside weight pockets....  there is another weighted blanket and lap pad in the queue as well..
A sneak peek at the crocodile stitch projects that doesn't give it all away--this stitch is a yarn ho--but mighty warm--and pretty!

My rant of the week--I sign up for various yarn makers newsletters--I like to see whats new--new yarns, etc....but more importantly-I like to know what yarns they are going to discontinue -- in case i have a project that I need more--or just insurance for. I based on other shoppers I ran into on Tuesday--I was not the only one rudely surprised by  a bunch or colors (ie-Day Glow-this is a tragedy-this yarn made awesome flying saucers!) that are being discontinued by Red Heart--they could do a better job of communicating this!

 What have you been sewing?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Rain, Rain, and yet the fires burn...

So sad--23 houses burnt to the  ground...the big fire is now 55% contained; but...such a sad loss. Declared a State of Emergency- Little Valley Fire

We lost power due to the storm & fire-so Friday was spent staying out of the unhealthy air and recovering the smoke ingestion from the night before's open windows (paid sick days are nice.)

With no electricity, I arranged the next portable Christmas projects to start working on. Found one of the bags of yarn I was looking for; did not find the other, or my knitting needles.

I had to wait until Saturday to start first of said projects; until electric and internet were back up so I could go see how to do the Crocodile stitch. This is the one I like best Crocodile stitch tutorial - like all things of the internet--there are many versions available. I then adjusted the pattern to this stitch set.

I also found my knitting needles, as this project requires knitting and crocheting to complete. I have a wonderful boxed set (how can one not buy knitting needles that are named after them?.) :-P

The project? Tops secret until Christmas of Course!

Alas, not the bag of black and gray yarn--so if you see a bag of black and grey Redheart yarn hitching a ride--please send them home :-O

Remember that clean right hand side of my sewing machine that I said wouldn't stay that way--wa la--

And a thought rock
And more to come

What have you been sewing?

PS--yes we did get to play some Gears of War 4 over the weekend--AWESOME!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Busy Busy Busy..and... Oh....

Snap--Gears of War 4 just released--yes for those who haven't figured it out--I am a game geek/nerd--some time will have to be spent with the Hubby and this game...but sewing will still happen...

Some thought rocks to share since our last conversation:

I am still working on these (remember-I am working on Christmas thingies I can't show):

 but the right side of the sewing machine is empty--not for long--as the chain stitched sets from the left will be moving to the cutting table where the Gypsy cutter and seam presser are waiting to do their job
 And then--that right hand side of the machine will be full again...

 The Eeyore pez dispenser decided to join the party - he treat the grandchildren who visit :-)

What have you been sewing?

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Sometimes sewing room time is random...

So I pulled this rock for the day over a week ago--I guess I needed to hang on to it for a bit

This fabric will become a new pillow cover later

Do any of you have patterns on the back of random papers?

I go through a lot of post its-this one is to remind me I have the single hole needle plate on--forgetting this can be disastrous.  You can do serous damage to your machine, not just break the needle :-(

 I do keep some odd company in my sewing room---but they are many times inspirational-as is the Bible. Especially if I am working on a prayer shawl/quilt. Another source of imspiration and calmness- The "I Love You Mom" book my daughter got me

I think it is about time to break out new thimbles: 

 And here is the pillow cover-for my hubby-frogs are an inside family joke...

 Old enough to have had an already re-covered pillow inside, so it got a brand new pillow form as well..

It replaced this 7+ year old hard worn pillow cover

I have also been working on Christmas gifts...cant show them -but this is one I did in years past

What have you been sewing?

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Shop hop fun, fall, and....

OH my I feel behind!

Time seems to be flying by and Christmas seems inordinately close, especially with this weather on the mountain:

    I have been working on Christmas presents, but I did take the time for a shop hop:Sierra 2 Sage Shop Hop
  This years shop hop was a vast improvement over the last few–and with an :ugly fabric" challenge to run with next years–I am certain next year will be just a good. I checked in with those shop that had a Facebook presence-maybe those that didn’t will have next year.

These are the "ugly fabrics" that I collected for next years ugly fabric contest :

 What have you been sewing?

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Busy I am...

Unbelievable how time flies so fast. my youngest Granddaughter just turned 2!  This is what I was working on for her...

They have a box that ha plastic vegetables at a hay ride/pumpkin farm her in town--so the homemade -smaller version:

Then I made some fine motor skills toys (the felt was out)

Meanwhile the Twilight Zone is still in my hoop:

What have you been sewing??

Friday, July 1, 2016

Lat's talk sewing machines...

My Grammy taught me to quilt, She hand quilted everything on a large floor frame. When she taught me to sew, she had a treadle and several other machines, She was retired and did a lot of sewing for her church. I learned on her treadle and then on her Western Electric (pre-Singer). I am the proud owner for this machine and she still works. I have also acquired  a treadle (above)-yes it is in working order,

I think everyone who can afford one should have a treadle. Why? Well--it keeps a tradition alive. In our household traditions are important. Fiddler on the Roof kind of important. (If you haven't seen the movie or stage show--you should). Also-power outs due to snow, fire, high heat over-consumption blackout--I can still sew other than by hand, And oh--no power in the zombie apocalypse-no prob! :-)

In high school our school had all singer machines. Mostly the new singer slant needle auto winding bobbin ones--hated them, Did as little sewing on them as I could get away with, preferring my moms Kenmore (i do not know who was badging when hers was made--I don't remember when she got it) She only did mending on it. The most awesome thing I ever made on it was a George Washington costume for my little brother, I made all my own clothes.

My Senior year in High School bought my own machine. It was a gently used White that I had 21 years before the sewing machine repair guy told me I sewed it to death. Lots of quilts and kids clothes. I replaced it with a used Pfaff 1471 that I still have, I have replaced a motor and a foot petal--but it is one of the old Pfaff's that was well built. I also bought my first serger then--a used singer 4 thread-I still own this as well -it is a *@$^@*$( to thread, but still does what i need it to do, 

About 7 years ago I bought a Pfaff 2140, loved it at first.It has become the only machine I have regretted owning, the reason I will NEVER buy another PFAFF (unless I find a really good deal on another 1471 for parting in the future.) This is a really long ugly story I have already blogged in the past.

I got this Babylock neat little traveling machine (an Audrey that they don't make anymore) Its purpose is to drag to classes (yes I teadch-but I still take classes)that don't provide machines--lightweight and is a good stitcher.

I want one of these badly

Maybe I will hit the lottery? Or art quilt purchasing will pick up on an economic uptick :-)

These two need restoring--one I am pretty sure just need new cord, the other need a few more parts-but looks like all her guts are in good shape--they just really need time spent on them...

But--oh, yeah--it is the 1st of July--I really need to get busy on Christmas gifts--but I do have a birthday gift to make first, oh, and a couple of baby shower things, and a couple of house warming gifts..and--well you sewers know...

So to wrap this up- buy the best machine you can afford and you LIKE to sew on. Don't buy a machine you have'net test driven unless its a screaming deal you can afford to be disappointing in.

Try to score a treadle and learn how to use it.. 

Most important: SEW STUFF!!

What are you sewing?