Monday, October 17, 2016

Rain, Rain, and yet the fires burn...

So sad--23 houses burnt to the  ground...the big fire is now 55% contained; but...such a sad loss. Declared a State of Emergency- Little Valley Fire

We lost power due to the storm & fire-so Friday was spent staying out of the unhealthy air and recovering the smoke ingestion from the night before's open windows (paid sick days are nice.)

With no electricity, I arranged the next portable Christmas projects to start working on. Found one of the bags of yarn I was looking for; did not find the other, or my knitting needles.

I had to wait until Saturday to start first of said projects; until electric and internet were back up so I could go see how to do the Crocodile stitch. This is the one I like best Crocodile stitch tutorial - like all things of the internet--there are many versions available. I then adjusted the pattern to this stitch set.

I also found my knitting needles, as this project requires knitting and crocheting to complete. I have a wonderful boxed set (how can one not buy knitting needles that are named after them?.) :-P

The project? Tops secret until Christmas of Course!

Alas, not the bag of black and gray yarn--so if you see a bag of black and grey Redheart yarn hitching a ride--please send them home :-O

Remember that clean right hand side of my sewing machine that I said wouldn't stay that way--wa la--

And a thought rock
And more to come

What have you been sewing?

PS--yes we did get to play some Gears of War 4 over the weekend--AWESOME!!