Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Hand Quilting!

I have spent most of this month hand quilting. These are in my hoops -yes I have more than one- I prefer round 14" wood hoops with no base usually.  I have a couple of square hoops and a large round one on a stand..but I normally quilt in my 14" round hoops.

This one has a corner and a short side of the border and it will be done. then back to my daughter for binding (it is her quilt-she quilted part of it)

It was kinda pushed aside while I worked on this charity wall art-quilt for a very special person- David J. Drakulich. He was a soldier who died like most of our brave soldiers an all too young age of 22, struck by an I.E.D. in Afghanistan, he was our neighbor, he played with my kids. 

His family  and friend started the 

David J. Drakulich Art Foundation:For Freedom of Expression

What They Do

Located in Reno, Nevada, The David J. Drakulich Art Foundation: For Freedom of Expression has formed with the mission of providing art education and experiences to veterans, their families, active service men and women and their families, and gold star families (those who have lost a loved one in war). In the process, we promote art in our community.

One of his pieces "No one but myself" , inspired my interpretation of it, that I have titled-"I still see you" As with all art pieces, some will love, some will hate, no one will really understand - except David. I hope it will raise some money for his foundation.I will upload a finished picture when I have date and time for the auction/sale.

You might notice that these are larger needles than I usually use, and a larger stitch. The larger needle was a necessity due to the thickness of the quilt in places, the larger irregular stitches a choice to make the point I wanted to make with the art.

I have become very attached to this tool:

For the thicker parts of the quilt this had been invaluable. It is the best needle puller I have ever used. I like that I can keep it on my hand while I quilt and it doesn't get in the way, and I don't have to stop and find it when I need it!