Monday, March 26, 2012

100+ squares

Thats what I did this weekend. Cut, sewed and ironed 102 8 1/2"squares for a friendship quilt and leftovers for another quilt or prayer shawls.

Today I will work on truing them up and sorting into my 5 sets of 11 that I will be giving away. The eleven that I want to start with and bag em up so I can start the proof quilt for the Easy 7 pattern (copy right Densie Bevard 2012)

Once I get the proof quilt done I can finalize the pattern, get a professional picture and the packaging and get it in the store.  :-)
pillow cases
I also made 2 pillow cases. One for my 3 year old granddaugher, and one for my 1 month old (and a little bit) grandson.

I am incubating the charity quilt I am going to make in place of the Quilts for Kids quilt..I am trying to decide between to fabrics...

In the hoop now that the class sampler is done and at the store for display (class details are on the website calendar) is Grammies quilt. It is slow going, she backed it with a sheet...tough quilting.

I have a  girlfriend who wants me to make a a traditional russian friendship quilt for her friend (she does not sew), so I am researching to find some options for her..any suggestions welcome.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Corned beef and quilting...

What could be better?  That’s what I plan for tomorrow.  I got me Hip Hip Hurray quilt challenge entry off in the mail in the nick of time.
The song "Arlinton" as sung by Trace Adkins was the inspiration for this one.


2 piece quilting stencil for 3D stars

I finished the granddaughter’s apron and crown for her birthday, she will be three tomorrow 3/17. My Grandson is 1 month old today. J

I have decided NOT to put an entry into the Quilts for Kids Challenge 2012, my heart is just not into machine quilting it (requirement of the contest) I will make a quilt for another charity event that does not have the machine quilting requirement. I don’t have anything against machine quilting, I just don’t particularly like to do it, and I don’t find it very satisfying.

I have half of one row and a bottom border to quilt on the class sampler, then binding and off to the store for display. Class listings are on my new website:

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Busy Bee….

Boy I have I been busy. I have the class sampler quilt over half-way quilted. The first Beginning Quilters Class at Sierra Sewing in Reno will start 5/17-this is a Thursday evening classes running 5 sessions. There will also be a Saturday class running 5 sessions starting 5/26.

The class sample will be set-aside for a few days while I quilt the Hip Hip Hurray challenge piece, as it has to be posted by 3/13 to ensure delivery by the 19th.
The Cats "helped" with this picture

Then I have some Birthday items to complete for my granddaughters birthday on St Patrick ’s Day, then onto the QUILTS FOR KIDS CHALLENGE comfort quilt from my new “ Easy 7”  ©Denise Bevard 2012 pattern. After that will be the Hoffman Challenge.

I am also working on deciding Christmas gifts so I can get them ordered for start June or July (depends on the timeline I come up with). Did I tell you all I am a project manager by trade. For anyone interested I blog about project management here.  My last blog was on quilting, because quilts  and other fabric arts are projects.

Then soon, it will be time to tend to the flowers and spend some time enjoying my back yard. The nice thing about hoop quilting—is it can go out there too. Although today it is covered by snow--not complaining--we desparately need the water this year.