Saturday, January 26, 2013

I took a time out from cutting....

But first to share a smile. This reminds me of my Grammy--I walk by it several times a day, but some days I am sure she reaches out and hugs me, because it makes me stop and hold it:

and yes, the mouse is sitting at a "Mice" branded treadle  :-)

Now the reason I took time out from cutting was to finish the housewarming gift: The theme is red and leopard. It is the "Take Four" pattern by Something Sew Fine Quilt Design. I made them double sided instead of plain on the back. Same colors, different arrangement.

There was a questioned posed on Facebook, on the smallest scraps people use. I said 1.5" x 1.5", in case I am every crazy enough to do another double Irish chain postage stamp style....

I cut squares 1.5, 2, 2.5,3, 3.5, 4, 4.5,5, 6,8 and 10". Long strips I put with selvages on a scrap ball for rag rugs.

Since I am cutting, I am cutting scrap at the same time..I am woefully behind on this :-/ I will finish cutting the last two project tonight or tomorrow, class this afternoon. Then I don't "think:" I will need to cut anything for awhile project wise, unless I need an unexpected gift. :-)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

And, I am still cutting...

The machine is home from being serviced; however, I needed a house warming gift and I entered THE HUGS AND KISSES BLOG HOP -

So now I need to design and cut a project: Create anything that has hearts, hugs, kisses,
 anything in REDS and PINKS. I think I will uise the leftovers (yeah I'll probably add more others too) from This valentines day quilt--made from the Fab-Five pattern 

Now back to the cutting/design board...

Friday, January 18, 2013

STILL cutting...

My Celtic Crystals is ALL cut--what a chore. Cutting is my least favorite part of quilting/sewing  followed by basting. As I was cutting it came to me that this pattern would probably look very nice in 30's reproduction fabrics, or in blacks and browns for a man cave piece.

All of it
All tucked away in her project basket

There is A LOT of cutting

But it is nice to have done. Two more projects to cut and its time to start sewing on the freshly serviced machine. :-)

There will be some other projects to cut before these are all done, but the cutting marathon is about over.

And yes, I have some projects that were already cut;but their priority in the making order has been revised...that happens from time to time.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Cutting, cutting, and more cutting...

This is a picture for the rant I posted last night--really..if one manufacturer can get them on the bolt straight and even they all can IF they want to. It is much faster to be able to whack both selvages at the same time (yes I save my selvages).

And when you are cutting a bunch of projects, time savings is important. Fabric 'misering' is always important-yes I even cut 1" square "scraps"; not sure I'll do another postage stamp...but just in case...

 Left is a flannel quilt--think its name is Fractions or some such. I will look for the name and designer for the finished picture-right now it's buried in a project basket.
To the right is a Jelly roll mystery quilt; no other pics till my classes complete it. :-)
 To the left is a spring fling throw, topper, or maybe I'll add borders and make it a lap quilt..haven't decided yet . It's a McCalls pattern
 To the right is a wall hanging, it will be gifted. Hand printer panel by Block Party Studios. I love their panels. i use them often in prayer shawls and comfort quilts.
To the left is a new tool I got Saturday from  TenSistersHandicraft by Carmen Geddes--a piping ruler! I'ts awesome. And that sneaky little face is my "helper" sushi.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fabric Rant!

I am cutting fabric while main machine is in the shop for maintenance (hard holiday use.)I really DISLIKE manufacturers who do not wrap the fabric even on the bolt so I can't whack the selvages off both sides at the same time without wasting fabric! I will post picture tomorrow--I need to do more cutting!

Super wide selvages also are NOT of my liking--same reason.

Grr..well, rant over, back to cutting.

And the purse is done!

This is the Carolina Carryall by StudioKat designs. It has a very unique construction technique, and was fairly easy to complete. They provided very good instructions.


All filled up! It may be a tad to small, we'll see after some use, but I love the fabrics the daughter bought!

And I have a new addiction. I went to a trunk show yesterday at my local shop Sierra Sewing. No big deal, as quilters we've all been to many. This one was different. It was a Quiltsmart Trunk show by Carmen Geddes and Laurissa Memmott;. yes of the Tensisters Handicraft.

This is where the addiction comes in--I see MANY Quiltsmart quilts in my future. Here in Reno Sierra Sewing carries Quiltsmart supplies, you should look for a supplier near you. I will be incorporating these products into my classes. Been awhile since I was wowed by a product that can really help my beginner (and non-beginners) enjoy their quilting experience even more.

The afternoon was Spent in a Freehand feathers class with Carmen Geddes; I highly encourage everyone who has not taken this class to take it. You will be amazed with yourself. And now that little niggle for a long-arm has become huge (you've been warned). Can't wait to put some feathers on a wall hanging-yeah-got to make one first. Might actually put them on a 42 x 42" throw I'm cutting...might be big for a first stab at freehand feathers--but......guess we'll see when I get there.

Ah, but before I do that I have to finish some re-ordering of the sewing room so it looks more like a sewing room and less like Santa's workshop. I also have some class samples to get done, a lot of scrap to cut. I will be cutting until I get my machine back from being service after her hard Santa work.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My baby is home !

New belt, all oiled and ready to rock  :-) Thank you Sierra Sewing Center!
Now back to my purse and the rest of the pile of "needs done" before I play...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Block of the Month--check

This is the BOM from yesterdays trip to Gardnerville, NV; its a take and sew, block 10 of 13

This fabric to the right is for a new project with my online group that is hosted by Penny Havens Streeter

The fabric to the left is the required challenge fabric for my Local shop Sierra Sewing Center's challenge

The below fabric is what I chose to go with it (there is also a solid green that matches that somehow didn't make it in the picture

And below they are all together, I am thinking it will be a prayer shawl right now---but I have till May 1st....could totally change my mind, but I have sketched a pattern I think I am going to make.....

And now I return to purse making :-)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas fabric from my daughter...

Is becoming a purse and a new tote, then it will be on to some UFOs and continuing Batik block of the month--get a new block tomorrow!

I am also working on this BOM (Celtic Crystals)--but  not as a BOM, it will be an as I get to it

Yes, it is a batik also..I do have a thing about batiks....but I am chewing on a couple of challenges that are not Batiks..the Hoffman Asian one, a solids challenge, and one at my local shop that I am for sure doing, but the table is too full of purse pieces just yet to spread the fabrics I've chose to go with the required. Hopefully pics of that one by Sunday.

Have a great productive weekend!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How Much?

For those wondering how to figure out how mcuh material, how many squares is a very useful page at Quilters Paradise

Now I am off to sort the sewing room, as the cats decided to play with the purse pieces I have cut from the fabric my dauhgter baught me for Christmas for this purpose--pics soon.

For those who do machine embroidery, if you haven't already found this site-Embroidery Library you definately should check it out.