Sunday, January 13, 2013

And the purse is done!

This is the Carolina Carryall by StudioKat designs. It has a very unique construction technique, and was fairly easy to complete. They provided very good instructions.


All filled up! It may be a tad to small, we'll see after some use, but I love the fabrics the daughter bought!

And I have a new addiction. I went to a trunk show yesterday at my local shop Sierra Sewing. No big deal, as quilters we've all been to many. This one was different. It was a Quiltsmart Trunk show by Carmen Geddes and Laurissa Memmott;. yes of the Tensisters Handicraft.

This is where the addiction comes in--I see MANY Quiltsmart quilts in my future. Here in Reno Sierra Sewing carries Quiltsmart supplies, you should look for a supplier near you. I will be incorporating these products into my classes. Been awhile since I was wowed by a product that can really help my beginner (and non-beginners) enjoy their quilting experience even more.

The afternoon was Spent in a Freehand feathers class with Carmen Geddes; I highly encourage everyone who has not taken this class to take it. You will be amazed with yourself. And now that little niggle for a long-arm has become huge (you've been warned). Can't wait to put some feathers on a wall hanging-yeah-got to make one first. Might actually put them on a 42 x 42" throw I'm cutting...might be big for a first stab at freehand feathers--but......guess we'll see when I get there.

Ah, but before I do that I have to finish some re-ordering of the sewing room so it looks more like a sewing room and less like Santa's workshop. I also have some class samples to get done, a lot of scrap to cut. I will be cutting until I get my machine back from being service after her hard Santa work.