Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Fall has been in the air..

and therefore on my sewing table.  The  project I started last weekend

is progressing--appliques applied- fused-but I generally don't trust simply fusing-so embroidery work comes next.

Lots of hand embroidery left to do, hopefully I can get it "in a hoop" by next weekend...we'll see how the stars align. I am not sure it is going to go into a hoop--it has interfacing to help it hold shape better as a wall hanging--it may simply be quilted in my lap. It is about 40" wide.

In my hoop (that I am working on-yes I have more than one hoop) is this one:

This one was made for as a mystery quilt--came out quite fine for a mystery. :-)

It is over half way there...what did you sew this weekend?