Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fall is in the the air

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But there is a large feel of fall in the air--geese honking, trees turning--reminders of how close Christmas is Mouses in houses, horses and other animals with thickening looks to maybe be a wet winter--we need one. I hope mother nature keeps the snow on the mountain (a little down here in the valley for Christmas is OK)

So with that in mind I pulled out a WIP (for quite some time) and decided it is this projects time to be done:

This is the background for a round wall hanging (table topper originally). Strips were already cut for the "paper" piecing, and the base for the strips already drawn and put together (two half circles because of the size.) It has two more darker colors for the outer rings--and bonus-the bias binding was already done, pressed and rolled in the project bag. 

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what did you sew on this weekend? Maybe some flying geese??