Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The little engine didn't have enough coal...

The grade was steep, but the track was a little rougher than it appeared. So the Tropical Rainbow didn't get done in time for the Quiltworx contest. I have almost 2 of 9 4-patches done, from the looks of the calendar, completion time might be this weekend. Life has some variables that do not always cooperate. I can't wait to get it finished:

This is the #2 4 patch, it has two seams left to do:

I will continue to post progress and tomorrow I will post the link to voting for those who did get their Tropical Rainbows done.

After this is done I have  another batik quilt to finish, it may have a buyer already. Then to finish the stack of projects and Christmas presents.

So off to change the front page on the website for October, and I feel like making some Wassail -might have somthing to do with the 42 degree temp outside.

Happy Sewing.