Sunday, October 20, 2013

AQS Modern Mystery Quilt top done...

Hard to get in one pic-especially with furry friend helpers :-)- at least they aren't under it anymore--hmmm--maybe I need to make a quilt that looks like my fur friend are under it....some cheaty trapunto with wash-away thread.

It will be hand quilted, with abstract wavish quilting vertically to compliment the print of the background. I am trying to decide what quilt with...probably a King Tut variegated--but still mulling it.

The batting will be cotton bamboo blend. I like the way bamboo needles.

And then on to some Halloween..Jake the Dog hat in just needs the lining and some Velcro. Polar fleece is so much fun to work with. I love my Wonder Tape! I have never had it not wash out, or leave any marks after use. I keep several  rolls on hand (in case my furry friends hide one.)

Finn the Human (in a smaller size for Grandson) is up next. Then I have an Easy 7 quilt to finish up and get in my online store.