Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween hats almost done...

But I need one of my models (granddaughter) to try hers on before I line it, and I need to get this finished before i change the foot and needle back to work on fleece. Yes I have another machine--but it has a project in it too.

After I get it out of the machine, you can see the whole thing.

Before I started it  I got caught up on the BOM's I had....I technically have 2 from Sat--but they haven't arrived yet. I did not go to get them so I didn't share my cold with anyone ;-)

This is the one that wasn't done yet last time

 These two are again the same block, different colorways

The hats so far are below--Finn the Human and Princess Bubblegum to go with Jake the Dog. Those are bubble gums around the bottom of the crown.

Did another little project, but the recipient doesn't have it yet--so maybe you get to see it tomorrow :-)

And we didn't get much snow on the valley floor, what we did was melted by the rain. We are promised more rain today--we hope so -we need it!

Happy Sewing!