Monday, March 14, 2016

Auditioning fabrics for a client

for a simple stacked bricks quilt (simple rectangle with offsetting squares-the way Grammy used to do it) and working on my 3 Dudes lap quilt

this was audition 1:
fail.. needs to be less  loud

                 Audition # 2-still under consideration (placement will vary)

Some people don't like auditioning fabrics for quilts. But I do. yes it a lot of cutting. But I like seeing people figure out what it is they really want. And we all know that fabric on a bolt, or large cuts; do not give non-quilters a reasonable expectation of what things look like together. The orphans will become a scrap stacked brick quilt-probably with a tan background fabric....but that could change depending on the scraps vote (yes my fabric votes)

 This will be the backing for the 3 Dudes lap quilt

Would have made more progress if the ick that is going around hadn't visited our house--but such is life.

What have you been sewing?