Saturday, March 5, 2016

What I did last week....

and what I will be working on later and tomorrow- a project (3 Dudes lap quilt) I stated at a class with Rob Appell of Man Sewing of Missouri Star QuiltCo. for the 3 Dudes quilt at Meissners Sewing & Vacuum in Folsom, CA

 I get 3 squares from each WOF strip set, so one unit takes more than one strip set

This is the next strip set ready to be cut int suqares

These are squares waiting to be stitched all the way around so I can cut them up :-)

I have two more strip sets to make. I was making really good progress and then...yep- I ran out of bobbin thread and had no more gray bobbins wound, :-(

So I cleaned out the machine (I actually clean after each bobbin) and then wound three more grey bobbins--should be enough to finish the sewing on this. I haven't decided if I will quilt it in gray yet or not--actually it hasn't told me what it wants.

I fell in love with Rob's gears quilt (thank goodness for trunk shows) and downloaded the gears template pdf....I might use that as a template to quilt this..maybe..still thinking about it...

Did I mention winter is supposed to return tonight or tomorrow with snow to the valley floor? :-(

What have you been sewing?