Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Irons in the fire

I recently gave a spech at Toastmasters, explaining the passion I have for quilting. In that speech I said I normally have a least three quilts in the works. One I am actively quilting, one I am peicing or appliqueing, one I am planning...well I have a bit more than that at the moment…

The one I am actively quilting-This was the last quilt top my Grammy made.

The ones I am piecing-Patchwork Pennies

Skyline Pentacostal Quilt Class Quilt blocks-
4 down 62 to go…                  

Proof Block for my new “Easy 7”  Quilt
©Denise Bevard 2012. All rights reserved.

I am also planning my “Easy 7” quilt,   QUILTS FOR KIDS CHALLENGE,  Hoffman 2012 challenge,  and the Hip Hip Hurray Challenge. Now not all challenge quilts get completed…sometimes they just don’t “gel” in time..but I think I can get these all done if the plans in my mind comes out in fabric the way I think they will. And I am working on a class sample for another possible class…stay tuned.
The pillow covers to match the mystery quilt done-already been used for tent building by my grandaughter Abi. They met with her approval.