Friday, December 26, 2014

Grammy is done for another year...

The three quilts made it done in time (barely.) Two machines in the shop before Christmas is NOT a good thing, Wore the motor out of my 1471,,,and the 2170--well can we say buyers remorse and my next machine will NOT be a Pfaff! Leaning Janome...

So the three quilts were for my three grand kids (duh). For the 5 month old grandaughter:

The back is all the pink floral

For the 5 year old granddaughter-front:

Back-with sections for tea parties:-)

Ir has already served tent duty:

For the 2.5 year old grandson -front:


All were from the "Take Five" pattern by The Teachers Pet. It is one of my favorite patterns.

Nothing is a good as seeing the faces with new quilts :-)

How was your Christmas--hope it was a good.

Happy sewing.