Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Buy good ones or you will end up spending more buying lots of cheap ones. Also, find a good sharpening service. I use a mobile one. Depending on my project list (and completion) I usually have him come twice a year. It usually costs about $100/per visit. I have a lot of scissors.  I keep a plastic tray to put the ones that need sharpened before use in.  When the scissor man comes, I round up all the scissors; kitchen, utility, first aid, etc. so everything is sharp when he leaves.

Yes I use a rotary cutter for most cutting. But you always need good scissors. And you need different scissors for different things. I even found the need to buy a few more pairs when I got this new sewing machine that can embroider- the bent ones to get under the hoop. I have the standard dressmaking shears, pinking shears, appliqué scissor (my Grammy called them duck bill scissors), a pair that I use for fussy cuts, and on and on.

One quirky thing; I have my Grammys old pinking shears; they are an OLD pair of WISS, and they have a different “pink” than my newer Fiskars.  They both work, I just noticed that they are different.  I do prefer the heaviness of the WISS ones on wool and felt.

I have many pairs of thread nipper type scissors…you always need them one pair at each machine, one pair at the ironing board, one on the cutting table, one by my chair where I quilt….almost everywhere.

Do you have a favorite pair/type of scissor? Which one(s) and why?