Sunday, April 15, 2012

New learning and growth

My website is up Fiddlestick and Humility, and the calendar is working. The two classes I currently have scheduled are there.

So I have been busy finishing the Easy 7 (© 2012 Denise Bevard) comfort/lap quilt. The quilt was the easy part. Writing the instructions for something I do intuitively was a bit more of a challenge. And then there were the drawings of the how-tos. We’ll see how the testers think the instructions are, but it is very close to hitting the shelf for sale. Here’s the cover quilt:

I also had the pleasure of being in an article entitled Daring to Stitch in our local Entrepreneurs newsletter. The organization is great, for you entrepreneurs in Reno you should check it out. If you’re not in Reno you should see if there is a like organization where you are.  Group support is VERY helpful. Sometimes the smallest comment or suggestions can lead you to something very good.

I am still working on the Patchwork is queued up at the other machine, so I take a square on it once in awhile right now. I have a charity quilt to work on next, then two more challenge pieces.

 And then it will be time to start on Christmas presents...yeah! I love working on Christmas presents. The first order will likely be a Christmas Quilt for a fall class.

Happy stitching!