Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Quilt Being Born

So everyone likes quilts when they are completed. And for those who make their own patterns this will reveal nothing new. But for those who buy patterns (nothing wrong with that--hoping my patterns will sell when I get them into the marketplace), this is where for me they start...sometimes...

Yep, that is graph paper and a pencil. To be fair, I do use EQ also, but this one just didn't lend itself to that. The pattern trace is going to be a large applique in the center. The little controller is for my Zune--must have music while designing and sewing--at least for me.

And yes that is a large calculator under the pattern trace---It was a joke that has turned into a wonderful sewing room piece of equipment. Easy to find, rugged and easy to use with scissors or other items in your hands because the buttons are so large.

This is the charity quilt I am working on for my next project. Hoping to get center applique on by next weekend..we will see if that timeline holds. Most likely it depends on how long it takes me to clean the flower beds and plant flowers today and tomorrow...and yes I schedule just about everything---its the project management beast within...

Then I will cut the letters for the wording that will accompany the center applique. I have measured all the Aqquiquilt Go cutter letters, loaded them in a spreadsheet so that I can calculate the width I need for the words/phrases to fit and how many times I have to run the die through to have enough letters. I do full run of the die and put the extra letters in a box for other projects.