Friday, July 13, 2012

Hand Quilting...

I have been busy hand quilting the Charity quilt..and yes, there are more needles going in other parts of the quilt..I have to finish quilting it so I can start on the "Math Nerd Quilt" ©Denise Bevard 2012 (below) ,so I can get the cover art for the pattern done

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To the right is my Saturday Block of the Month Block

To the left is the fabric I have picked for Penny Havens Streeter's block of the week/month/day project...I am 11 block behind (started late), but hope to cut and at least get the center square done this weekend

To the right are fabrics I had picked for a Prayer Shawl. I have decided they are not the right ones for this particular Prayer Shawl and have another pick stewing over-night. Pretty sure they are the right picks, but want to sleep on it before I cut..

My Sat afternoon beginners class will be sandwiching their quilts tomorrow with any luck.

I even did a block on the Patchwork Pennies, as I was working on that machine (it is threaded with black thread) on a "secret" project--told you I am working on Christmas presents.

Now I will go make a pass at Facebook, then off to get some sleep for tomorrow.