Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's National Sewing Month..

...and I have been busy. More Christmas presents. The 5th row on the row x row quilt

There have been a few problems with this pattern. For this row and row 6, I've decided to square up the rectangular blocks, and there will need to be some peicework added to the ends (I don't like chopping a block off).

I have also decided to change fabric "C" to a blue, instead of the small scale white-ish print I originally picked. It is the sashing and border. I will probably add 2 other borders as well, one of Faric "A" and one of Fabric "B", maybe with cornerstones...I will have to wait until after I sash and put the first border on. As I have said many times; the fabric sometimes has a mind of its own.
To the right is my Saturday BOM batik block. There is a cream color in the center nine pathc, the surround border is actually a light blue.  And now I must get back to doing some quilting...or other Christmas project.
How is your Santa's workshop moving along? The Christmas Clock says only 111 days left. Just for sanity sake, at 1/2 an hour a day that is only 55 1/2 hours of sewing ....so if that is all you have, plan accordingly...