Saturday, May 18, 2013

Batik BOM top done....

Flat as it gets with 2 cat helpers, as much of it as I can fit in the pic w/o a ladder.

This is one of the few times I followed the directions, next time I make it I will change some things.

The fabrics for the blocks were chosen by The Quilt House, as part of their BOM program (yeah the one I am doing 2 of this year) The pattern is "Close to My Heart"--I had collected the pattern in a FabShopHop but never made it.

The rest I chose with some help of my friend Tina. We are doing these BOM's together. As we have to travel to a different city, we make it a girls day out, with fast food breakfast, a nice lunch, and sometimes other shops along the way to and from <GASP> ha ha 

We are good friends and help each other into more trouble that we keep ourselves out of--all fabric related of course...but that is what quilty friends are for--right?