Friday, May 17, 2013

Maybe I am a little crazy?

I have started 2 new BOM, because I could not decide which color way, so I am doing both a black n brights and a cream n blue. These are the first two blocks:

I am assembling the top from the last one:

But got sidetracked making a skirt for my granddaughter and her friend Wocket  (I have a soft book for my grandson, I am just deciding if I wan't to embellish before I put it together):

The "simple" 8 gore twirly skirt, gave me some fits, so I needed some helpers:

On one of my Online Quilting communities, there was a questioned posed about "dirty little quilting secrets" -mine;  that I often only finger press with a bamboo presser my Grammy lacquered a good 40+ years ago:

So, I need to finish the Batik BOM top, make some pillow covers and valances, and 2 prayer shawls....more pics to come as I progress.