Monday, June 24, 2013

I love my light box

I cut all these 4.5" circles that needed an embroidery pattern marked on them for satin stitching. The circles have interfacing on the back, so light box to the you have a light box? Sometimes a sunny window will work, but not so much really late at night. I have an old fashioned one..not one of the newer, less bulky LED ones..but it works:

These are for pillow covers for our local Veterans Guest House

Before I cut this many there was testing:

Test pillow cover success, so now assembly line shall begin (more cutting first--and you know how I feel about cutting!):

I did manage to get my two blocks of the month done:

 And the Take 5 is almost done quilting:

And we have our first squash growing, a bit behind this year, no tomatoes yet, and the plum tree looks like it doesn't have any fruit again this year :-(   Jack Frost won.

Wishing you all  a great 4th of July!