Friday, June 7, 2013

Prayer Shawls and Comfort quilts

Always take precedence over other projects. Why? Because they are NEEDED. Circumstances may vary. Loss, Cancer, extreme life difficulties--whatever the reason they come first for me. This one came out gorgeous, and I surely hope it give the recipient comfort. I will let the recipient decide whether or not to be public. (There is a label on the back which is why you can only see part of the back--but it is the same all-over print)


The Fabric line is actually called The Healing Tree from Frond Design Studios--its a wonderful line. The teal and brown are not from the line, but the panel, green and backing are.

I made this childs comfort quilt for a kit display for my Easy 7 pattern. The kits (limited #) will be available at Sew-n-Such in Reno.

And of course, at least on of the cats must provide quality control, this time it is Sushi doing the honor.

I also made new curtains for our game room as I found the perfect material with an all-over dice print. you can see them on my main web site: Game Room Curtains. It is used mostly for Warhammer 40K, but it is not exactly exclusively for that. Fir those interested-I usually play Orks.

I found this colorful run that is from Blank Fabrics that I decided to make into a Take Five from The Teachers Pet, for a yet to be scheduled class. It is the WIP I am working on now.