Saturday, November 26, 2011

Prayer Shawls

Prayer shawls can be powerful things.  I have just learned that a prayer shawl I made for a friend was destroyed in a fire.  She was fighting cancer; the design was inspired by the 1000 Cranes of Hope project. I am hopeful that I have enough fabric to recreate it, and can find the pattern (I have moved since I made it and not everything is unpacked). If not I guess it will be a new design… and some different fabrics, but still cranes.
They do not just get sewn together. Active prayer is part of the making. That does not mean they cannot be done quickly, if needed they can be done very quickly, they can be exhausting, but extremely satisfying for the maker, at least in my experience.
So off to make some brunch, check and string the Christmas tree lights, then a hunt for the crane pattern and fabric...wish me luck!

And both the Mystery quilt and the Patchwork Pennies are making forward progress (just a bit slower due to holiday activities). A bit more than a half an hour a day, because ther is always time to quilt