Saturday, November 12, 2011


 3 sets of curtains—the last being the kitchen finally (we moved in the beginning of May).

Back of Mystery Quilt

The mystery quilt is about 1/3 quilted….now that summer is gone the lighting does not come in as well-will have to find a different picture taking solution. But here is a bit of front and back.

The Patchwork Pennies by All Through the Night-Folk Art designs with a bit of Whimsy-Designed by Bonnie Sullivan is about 1/3 the way cut..working on 2 ½ inch squares now.

Have a few wall hangings to do, and some candle mats to do when my 8” & 6” circles for my Accuquilt Go cutter  get here…hopefully this next week.

I am also still working on a prayer shawl. I had intended to go in one direction and about mid-way through prayer directed I needed to change to a different one.

Be sure to do lots of web surfing—lots of free sweepstakes out there right now.  Some really great prizes are being offered.

I’ve never won anything (besides the free quilt patterns) from it, but I love doing the fabshophop, it’s really cool to see all the neat fabrics and tools. Different parts of the country have different stocks of materials. There are lots of neat stories and ideas too. And the recipes…well there is no lack of sharing of deliciousness.

WARNING, fail to head at your own peril: If you do not have very high will power, keep the credit/debit card away from the computer, put a post-it-up to remind yourself not to use PayPal or Google checkout—unless you have set a budget and/or are buying for a specific project…my experience at this, like many sewers/quilters = epicfail! I have found many “favorite” online stores that carry things my local stores (even my favorite Sierra Sewing Center) doesn’t and can’t…so…a girl always “needs” something….

Well—back to cutting for a bit, the fabric is sooo incredibly yummy I can’t wait to get it (Patchwrok Pennies) done