Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mystery Quilt is done!

Well, it took a bit longer than planned. But the Mystery quilt is now done. I am going to make matching pillow covers (this quilt is for my living room couch.) And the quilt is square—I just have two quality inspectors (cats) that look at a quilt on the floor like kids do a pile of leaves in the fall. You have to be really quick to get a good picture; I was not quite fast enough.

 Work on the Patchwork Pennies will now speed up. Prayers shawls are about to the right timing, they will work in tandem with the Patchwork Pennies.

I am still deciding on the pattern for a Saint Patrick’s Day quilt. And doll clothes patterns for the 18” Birthday doll. I also need to get on cutting scrap. There are a few Scrap Therapy projects I want to do, but do not have enough of the right colors of scrap cut. And I have more than enough scraps that need cutting and sorting. If you haven’t taken a basic Scrap therapy class, it would be a good thing to do. It really makes your scrap more useable and your sewing space more organized and compact.

The church ladies group is still looking for block patterns for their friendships quilts before our next class. I have a bit of mending and alteration to do this week as well, so off I go, so maybe more pics next weekend.
Have a Sew-Happy week!