Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last round of border quilting done!

So the last round of border quilting is done. Pinning the binding is the next job, then hand-sewing the binding. The Patchwork pennies quilt is calling wanting desperately for me to work on it. Although it has been so unseasonably warm and dry, he is worried he won’t get enough use. He really has nothing to fear, because an almost three-year-old (granddaughter) will make a tent out of any quilt or blanket  J

 A St patty’s day quilt is forming in my head…and two prayer shawls await their proper timing. Some other projects are also hoping they are up when the patchwork pennies is done. Oh, I almost forgot—doll clothes and an apron for the St Patty’s day birthday girl (it’s safe—she can’t read my blog quite yet)

Yes, there is a never ending stream of projects ready in the sewing room. So off to pinning I must go. I am also going to make some matching pillow covers with the scraps from the mystery quilt. Then the rest of the scrap will go in the scrap therapy bucket for cutting and sorting.