Sunday, December 29, 2013

Back in the sewing room...

Re-organization from Christmas madness. Installed new cutting board my daughter got me to the cutting table..

These a a few of the left over woolly mice I made for my new work family...stored in a boc with an air hole so they can breathe...per my granddaughter.

And then as I said I am behind on my BOM...Like most, if available, I am doing this one in two colorways--both to support my LQS, and because I love batiks, but not everyone does, so to have variety for sale or gifting..

This is the first set of blocks (block 1 of this BOM)  .these are made using the no-waste flying geese method--it is very nice for ease of matching and conservation of fabric. There are many diagrams on many sites and you-tube videos available. Try it- you'll like it!

Block 2--is actually a set of two blocks, I got one block of each colorway done--the other is cut...

Yes the flip n iron board is warped--it is not a spring chicken and has provided many years of service!

No, I do not have my main machine back yet :-(

Looking forward to the new year, once BOM's are caught up and a few late Christmas presents finished it is on to the
Coxcomb for the Judy Niemeyer-Quiltworks contest.