Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas

and will have a Happy and Prosperous New Year! Count your blessings..I count mine often- It does make the life journey much more pleasant-for you and others.

I have been crazy busy. Started a new job-GREAT thing

My main sewing/embroidery machine is till in the shop--BAD thing. It is only four years old and I am NOT  happy with it being out of service for a month before Christmas. But it is what it is.

Thankfully I have a back up sewing machine(well--OK, -more than one)  and a great friend Tina who offered up her embroidery machine!

I start the year with some backlog  of projects. I am not sure if there is ever NOT a backlog of projects, my project staging bins are always full; and 7 finished tops to be quilted after the one in the hoop is done. In the hoop is my the top my Grammy made, I have passed the half-way point.  Some of the tops may get machine quilted-they haven't decided yet--I let them decide. Yes--I am a bit crazy some think for letting fabric & projects talk to me...but I keep good company :-)

Oh, I do have 4 blocks of the month projects to catch up on, and a mystery quilt project...

And I got a new cutting board for Christmas. Somebody (it was the gremlins-that's the story and I am sticking to it-unless perhaps it was the house elf? ) forgot to put the iron pad down on the cutting board before pressing a a block of the month -and my daughter is very observant. :-)