Monday, December 2, 2013

So busy....loving the holidays and family...memories and such...

Trying to be ready for Christmas. Tree up, not totally decked out yet, but some of that needs to wait for granddaughter visit today :-) 37 years of history on the tree by the time we are is a pretty awesome feeling!

Main machine still in the shop :-/ These are real close to getting bound

Of course at Christmas time their are secret projects that can't be disclosed.

But this is exciting..the Modern mystery quilt is almost done quilting--two hoop moves I think. It should be bound labeled, washed and on its way to its new home by the end of week, maybe the beginning of next week. I depends on what surprises life decides we need between now and then :-)

This might be the last set of needles needed (maybe-always a bit hard to tell) - I am currently running 8 needles through the hoop...

The white plastic :jar" is my string catcher.

The cats have decided to "OWN" the row by row quilt I made at Christmas last year:

Even Frosty the singing snowman was booted off..

Now back to that Modern Mystery Quilt..

Happy sewing, and Christmas enjoying. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow (3-5 inches-per the latest forecast) followed by some really COLD (not Chicago cold) forecast is for single digit temperatures.