Monday, November 18, 2013

The wall hanging is done

This is the best pic with my fur friends deciding they think this is their new nap quilt.

Below is a closer look--I was very happy with how the cornucopia turned out

Then I went into hat production mode, they are simple to make--and warm--yes they say we have a winter storm on the way..though the two white ones in this picture will be used mostly indoors for my granddaughter and I to play space ship--they will be space helmets to match the kerbals helmets--until I figure out the pattern for space helmets- It seems easy--but not so much.

That was Saturday. Then I cut 1.5" strips to start my octagon candle/table mats. went to sew and my Pfaff 2170 decided it did not want to sew. On turning it on the presser foot just started going up and down. Turned it off and back on (waiting an appropriate amount of time of course) Unplugged and re-plugged--re-cleaned--to no avail-so into the Sewing Machine Hospital she goes this morning, Pulled over the other machine and started sewing on the candle/table mats (after wasting considerable time)