Tuesday, November 12, 2013

And what have I been doing--more turkeys...

Two Turkeys in the Straw table runners in my online store, some mug rugs, getting ready to finish a Cornucopia wall hanging for me, in between life happenings.

Also still quilting (hand -quilting) the modern quilt-about to hit the half-way point-YEAH!

After the Cornucopia wall hanging is done, I have 3 hats to make, then on to Christmas presents, and Christmas mug rugs and table runners for the online store.

Also learning how this (with a few more steps):

Really makes no-waste flying geese :-)

But these from The Quilt Show were pretty neat too--Think they would make great for a kid blanket and for making Christmas Card holders, advent calendars and  whole host of other ideas kinda whirring in my mind -

that is how we quilter's roll-right??