Friday, November 15, 2013

I do really machine quilt sometimes...

I have a note on my machine to remind me:

So the wall hanging is in place, hopping foot on:

And the slider is where???? Not under  :-(

So when it is all properly re-positioned:

Like my purple Grabbaroos?  Purple is of course my favorite color, but that is not why I use them (really)--I like them better than the others I have tried. And no, they do not leave color on white or light fabrics.

And this is what happens when your favorite (also might be my oldest) acrylic ruler loses a battle with a plastic bag :-/

Pictures of the wall hanging when its done, its still got a bit more quilting left to do, but stopped for a stretch break, and thread change on returning to the machine. Should finish up tomorrow. Granddaughter spending the night tonight :-)