Thursday, September 29, 2011


Thread is so important. If you are using really old thread please stop. It’s not good for your project or your machine.  You will be sadly sorry.

I found some REALLY old thread after our recent move. It had been my Grammy’s, it was on wooden spools. The thread was seriously CRUNCHY. A Xacto knife made short work of de-threading the spools so my granddaughter could string them with her beads.

Again it is important to match the thread you are using with what you are doing. Embroidery thread is not really very good for garment construction. Serger (yep—got one of these too) cones, not so great for embroidery.

I have in my limited machine embroidery experience, learned to love pre-wound bobbins.  Good value for the money—they get way more thread on that bobbin than I do.

And storing your thread is important. Those wall racks that you used (or might still be using), unless it is covered it collects dust. That dust ends up in your sewing machine. You will end up paying for more servicing of your machine. Except what I am actively using, mine thread is now all in plastic cases of one sort or another.

So what am I working on? I am finishing a mystery quilt top, which I decided to change a little bit. Hopefully the top will be done soon and I will share a picture or two…and then the hand quilting will begin  J